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Twenty Years Later…

The Exxon-Valdez accident occurred during spawning season for herring. A year later, the fish came back in force, bringing a sense of relief.

But herring take four years to become adults. And like clockwork, the herring population of Prince William Sound collapsed four years after the spill.

Those that came back were covered in lesions, ravaged by disease. Scientists still argue over whether the collapse was coincidental or caused by the oil spill.

Since that 1993 collapse, the herring population in Prince William Sound has not recovered and disease still plagues the fish. Birds that rely on the herring have likewise not recovered.

Oil remains buried in Prince William Sound sediments and trapped in the crannies of mussel beds, setting back the recovery of sea otters. Scientists report that the buried oil is just as toxic as nearly 20 years ago.
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Prince William Sound took an oil hit of 11 million gallons.
Our beloved Gulf took an oil hit of 185 million gallons.
Do the math.

(And, if you think that by not eating seafood you’ll be safe, think on this: fishmeal (made from Gulf menhaden) is routinely fed to chickens and pigs).

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