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Actions To Take

Please follow the advice of Dr. Michael Crosby of Mote Marine Laboratory and keep the pressure on our officials and BP.

Demand an immediate halt to the use of toxic dispersants now and in the future. They have made the problem worse by creating underwater plumes and contaminating the food chain.

Demand independent testing of air, our seabed, and the water column, for oil and dispersants, including the most toxic ingredients: 2BE and Propylene Glycol.

Procedures at all levels of government need to be drastically changed to ensure that this kind of event never happens again. The Fed simply cannot let a corporation disregard proper precautionary protocols any more. Please take a minute or two to contact officials using the information provided on this site. 

It’s up to us to take action.

The most effective approach to contacting officials is a phone call; next is a hand-written letter; and lastly an email.

Take some time to read through some of the source material on the Sources page.

Consider joining us- please use the Contact Form if you are close to the Sarasota area and want to become more active on this issue.

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